Monday, April 6, 2009

A blizzard and the DOT

So we experienced the forcasted blizzard yesterday. Yay. April 5th--only in Iowa would we get a blizzard in the spring. Thankfully, little pup was not entirely confused about going potty outside. The boys cleared a little snow to make way for grass. Boys played outside. They've been playing Indiana Jones by unhooking the chain of their swings, on one side, and swinging on it. It's a nice break from Star Wars. I guess it's a natural thing for boys to be hooked on something for a long time. At least it's Star Wars and not Strawberry Shortcake (darn).

Interesting experience at the DOT aka Dept. of Transportation. I have to submit a medical report every 2 years. So, Saturday hubby and I travel to the suburbs to (quickly) renew my dl. Good friends did manly stuff at Home Depot with the boys while we went on this errand. After reviewing my medical report, the DOT found that my doctor filled something out unsatisfactorily. Long story short, I have a temporary license until April 10th, after which it will be suspended. I have to bug my doctor, yet again, so re-fill out my report so I can fax it there asap. It is also time for heath insurance renewal for the kids, as well as the first week of baseball practices. I WILL NOT BE STRESSED.
I tend to get caught up in the details, and not enjoy life. This is why I surround myself with friends that are not this way.

On another note, here's an update on some medical things. My annual doc appt with Iowa City folks was on April 2nd. Good news, my breathing is stable--even a bit better. Some bad news: my kind of muscular dystrophy has a heart component with it. Cardio myopathy. Haven't looked anything up on that yet, but I am going to get an ultrasound of my heart soon. I really am not worried about this. If I cured my kidney infections by changing my diet, surely I can keep my heart beating a bit longer?! :)

Thanks for back to your regularly scheduled day!


footwasher said...

GOd is good, sister. We love you so much. It's so great to be a part of your lives. We are blessed by you! And the rest of the fam too.

Adam said...

Your perpetual optimism and overwhelming confidence in the goodness of our Mighty King is such an inspiring and encouraging thing, how very blessed I am to know you!

Have a beautiful week and a wonderful weekend as we celebrate our risen Savior...what true reason we have to rejoice together, wow!