Saturday, April 25, 2009

Starbucks roobios sucks

So, now that I got that out of the way, this post is not really about Starbucks. I am a Caribou fan, myself, btw. Today was be-u-ti-ful. How wonderful to feel a little sweaty. My van temp said 88 degrees outside--heaven. But, we still had wind, which made it nice.

Well, I wouldn't be honest if I didn't cover our Thursday park day experience. It's been very hard to find friends for oldest son. He finds friends everywhere he goes, but I gravitate to moms with children with youngest son's age. Oldest found some boy(s) that are cool buds. Then girls came and messed it up. Can I say that, being a girl myself? It's nuts that it starts so early. Nothing that I can control, but I can control us being there. Still praying on that one. So here is the story, in a nutshell: Oldest was tired of playing magic and harry potter. He stated that he did not believe in that stuff. He was then made fun of. I think that's freakin' awesome. He is strong enough in his beliefs that he stood up for them. Yay. Now, I don't want him subjected to this on a weekly basis, but I'm glad that the beliefs we instilled are manifesting in his life.

Insert comment about harry potter: when oldest asked me "what a harry potter" was, I kind of laughed and said, it's a book. He then asked what it was about. What I know of the book is that it is about a boy who goes to witch/warlock school, and learns the ways of spells and such. Now, that's a dumbed down version. I didn't shed any negative light on it at all. I wanted him to make a determination on it. He then asked if it was OK. I told him to pray about it and to see what God would think about it. A very short time later, he said that God wouldn't like it. End of story.

Anyway, he apparently has a girlfriend at said park day. She's cute, and I think her family are Christians. Interesting that we would go to a secular home school event, yet end up with Christians around us. It's inevitable! God is good. Oldest told hubby about it, and told him not to tell me. Yikes! He thought I'd be mad. Man, I don't want to be a hard a$$, but I am a little overprotective. We all ended up talking about it tonight.

Anyway, sleep will hopefully call to me soon, so we'll talk soon, K?


Holly said...

Oh, gosh... was it my kid that made fun of him? I'm sorry if it was. He loves Harry Potter can be a joiner and excluder at times.

Holly said...

Oh wait, I see you said it was girls... well, still... if it was mine, I'm very sorry!

And I love Caribou as well. But I hate roiboos or however you spell it from anywhere! I also love almost all coffee shops... I drank coffee all day today. Probably not so hot on my kidneys. Better give them a drink.

By the way, Andy LOVED playing with your kids at the stuff sale. If we can avoid major conflict, it would be fun to get them together in the future.


Wheelchair Mama said...

No, no--I think yours played with my youngest the whole time! There was the hitting with sticks thing, but I think they made up at the stuff sale on Fri. I love boy friendships. Such easy forgiveness!