Monday, April 13, 2009

A Relaxing Day

It was a cold and rainy...oh wait, that was today! We stayed in today, and found a new game on the computer. The kids now know who Thomas Edison, so my work here is done, Amen. We skipped our scheduled music lesson, made tortillas from scratch, and mudballs. It was a good day. I am more and more praying and thinking of Texas. Oh, I didn't mention this yet? Well alrighty. Ever since my hubby came home and shared a story he'd heard about TX, we have been thinking of moving there. Now don't freak out--we're thinking 5 years down the road. I've also had these thoughts about Virginia, shortly after my mom died. I have family in both of these states.

The Iowa weather is very hard on me. While others are excited about 50 to 60 degrees coming, I long for 80's and 90's--it's like anything lower than that makes me physically tense. I'm tired of being a prisoner of the indoors. I love being outside, and it feels like I only get a good 2-3 months a year that I can do that. I sense my kids becoming the dreaded indoors kids that I don't want them to be.

I'm excited to report that we will be debt free when we get our federal refund this year. Yahoo! Well, let me note, except for the commercial van payment and our house payment. Does anyone ever imagine being without a mortgage payment in their lifetime? It seems people our age don't even envision themselves without it, so why try? I tell you, 20-30 year olds out there. IT IS POSSIBLE. You can do it. With a little self restraint, and some extra payments toward your home...can you imagine freeing up that money?! I only think, with our van and house payment gone, that frees up $1000 for us a month. $1000! There is so much we could do with that money.

Speaking of money, I have to get something out there. We don't save for our childrens' college education. What? You horrible parents, you say. No, we save for them--they each have savings accounts. We just do not designate what they are to be used for. I figure they will need that money someday, when they are all grown up. At that point, they can decide what they need. A car, start a business, go to college. They will know--God will direct their path. That said, I'm glad they are not going to be forced into college like I was. While it was a good experience, I still felt like I really didn't know what I was getting into, and how many 18 year olds know what they want to do with their life? I'm guessing not too many. With this economy, we'll see what the future holds for my boys. I feel for this upcoming generation. It will be interesting to see how America changes, and their part in it all.


Heather said...

Congrats on being almost debt free! I'm hoping we can get there someday sooner rather than later. I can't say I blame you for wanting to move south. I dread winter and staying inside! Mid 70s to the low 80s is where I'm comfortable.

GreenRanchingMom said...

Yeah!!! Congrats!! We too are striving to be debt free! And I think your ideas on the boys' funds are fantastic! They will have so many opportunities to be happy & prosperous!