Saturday, April 4, 2009

Peekin' in

I forgot to mention a friggin' hilarious comment that my hubby made the other day. Here goes...
A lawn care co. knocked on our door. Hubby answers. He does that, you know. He likes confrontation aka sales people. Me, not so much. The sales guy, I will lovingly call him Dude.

Dude: Hi, sir. We're doing lawn care plans for people in the neighborhood, and I was wondering if we could start one for you.

Hubby: We don't use chemicals.

Dude: Oh, but they're EPA approved...

Hubby: I don't care if they're NASA approved, we don't use chemicals on our lawn.

Dude: (stares at Hubby)

Hubby: All righty, have a good day.

Dude: Oh, oh, OK sir, have a good day.

I almost pee my pants just typing this. I don't think that guy will ever try to sell us again! I think my hubby has finally been converted to my natural ways. Waaaahhaaahaaa.


Three Sisters -- shop for your home school, for free said...

good for hubby.

Anonymous said...

I love it :) Andrew has started the conversion process as well. He stood up for our homeschooling to a total stranger the other day. Love.

footwasher said...

Go wick! Gotta love that guy! See you in the a.m.