Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So today was the first full day for the homemade deodorant. My wonderful bff had some left over from her makings, so we were the recipients of the coco oil/cornstarch/baking soda masterpiece. I love it. I smell like coconut; I also don't sweat with it. It is good piece of mind that I'm not clogging my pores with cancerous chemicals.

The boys and I ran some errands in this (finally) glorious weather. Oil change, in which they gave us the most expensive car wash for free (we are blessed). Also, I think we have found our Easter tradition. You may think we're cheap, but here it is. We bought Easter baskets after Easter. The boys were so excited. They got to pick whatever one they wanted since they were half price, after all! They get so much stuff at the in laws and from family, that we don't do much at home with baskets/candy. We also went thrifting, where I found sandals for the oldest boy, for $1.99. Yippee!

At the end of our day, hubby was still not off work. I ended up carting the boys around to practice on opposite ends of town. Boy 1 had ball practice, then boy 2 had practice 1/2 hour later. We rounded off our day with all of us going to cub scouts. They made spaghetti towers with spaghetti, gum drops, and marshmallows. Very fun. There's an update on our day...April is looking very busy. I am trying my best to be excited about the things that the boys are excited about. Maybe I'm just grumpy. Oldest boy would like to learn to make soap. So, we will make soap tomorrow, after art class. I'm off to look up ingredients.


Heather K. said...

I have soap molds if you would like to borrow them.

Laura@lifedreamed said...

I would love to hear more about this deodorant when next we meet. Glad to see more posts. I always love hearing from you. It is like Christmas around here. You are hoping for Texas in five yeas and I am hoping for Louisiana in 10 when my dad retires. Maybe we'll be close enough to visit a couple times a year! Hope to see you soon.

juliecache said...

I understand single married life. We did it for six years.