Thursday, April 2, 2009

We're Still Alive!

So we're right in the middle of tests for my oldest homeschooler. I actually cried when I dropped him off today (but just a little). You know how you just get caught up in the blog world, and it concurs with your thoughts? Well, I feel--why blog for myself--they've said what I wanted to say. It's laziness. I'm currently listening on Pandora, Karen Carpenter doing 3 part harmony with herself. Don't ask, she's the best singer there ever was. I try to model her, as I've spent many nights in my life with headphones on, just soaking in her voice. Such a tragic life, but what an emotion evoking voice.

So we got a pup! What? Yep that's right. I'm not a dog person, but d*** is she cute. Her name? Well it's Cutie, of course. Now if I can figure out why my camera keeps dying. Or how to download pics. Laziness again. While son #2 sometimes feels like a prisoner in his own home, with her jumping and chewing (on us), he is starting to take responsibility. Son #1 has pee puddle duty, while son #2 has poop duty (outside). Poop is always outside, but pee is not there yet. Thankfully, we only have carpet in our bedroom, which she is not allowed in. And yes, I said she! Woo-hoo...more females in the house. Give me a whoop! Now we only need a female will happen, and soon!

I've been a terrible mom, so I must blog that, to be transparent. I bark orders like a drill sergeant. I'm starting to see that in my sons. Crap. I am reading a book on how to raise kids like Jesus would. I actually made my son #2 cry when he spilled all over my lap today. I love smelling like sour milk. Yippee. And just before I am to teach his Cubbie class. What an example. I guess we are all sinners. Can I be more honest? Did you know I never intended on having kids? I knew I was too selfish, I have no patience, it would wreck my body, and on and on. Boy, there are only 2 distinct times that I've heard God's audible voice. '"Get married to this man."' and '"Have children."' That was a great thing for a feminist to do--I'll get right on that. Well, I'm no longer a feminist, and I serve Jesus. What a 180 life change. So, I still have no patience; I'm selfish; and it wrecked my body. But, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

So now it's your turn--what audible things have YOU heard from God?


GreenRanchingMom said...

What kind of tests did your oldest have?

Wheelchair Mama said...

They were the annual ITBS tests.