Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sassy Seven

I've come to find out that my oldest is not the sassy one. It's me. Why to kids get sassy? They mirror their parents. It's a hard truth. Found out, also, that oldest was lying about brushing his teeth. It was only 2 times. You can't get anything past the youngest. Youngest told me that oldest was not brushing his teeth because he had felt his toothbrush and it was dry! How did he know to do that? LOL. He will be a good dad someday. As for the lie, I just calmly asked oldest why he wasn't brushing his teeth. He just said that he didn't want to. I kind of laughed and told him that the dentist wasn't too fun when you have to go due to rotten teeth. He just said OK. I knew he had felt bad for lying. He has an almost immediate repented heart, that boy.

The oldest boy just told us tonight that he wanted his own room. I wondered when this was coming. I'm going to give it a few days to see if it's mentioned again. If it is a repeat request, we will be doing some rearranging. Since the computer would stay in his room, does anyone know any good parental controls/blocks from unwanted nasties on the computer? Right now, they know what sites they can use, but sometimes there is an ad that pops up, and it's accidentally clicked, then they are off to God knows what.

We are going to start the transition to summerish clothing. That will be interesting. What do ya'll do? It bein' Iowa and all, I still want to keep jeans and sweatshirts for the evenings and camping. Where on earth do you store it all? We have 2 four drawer dressers, and they share a closet for hang-ups and blankets. Looking for ideas on space management!

God grant me patience for tomorrow. Last cub scout meeting of the month, one baseball practice, clothes rearranging, and maybe a trip to the toy store for youngest to spend some of his money. Also need more dog bones. And that's my Tuesday list.


Deborah Granick said...

I use christian net its awesome...you can have a special profile for them and you can block everything except certain sites..also you can block out certain times...like they can only go online from this hour to this hour...its like $5 a month I think and I love that I feel so safe. Also it is a christian company.. I love it!!

McVal said...

Hi - We have our livingroom computer set up so no one gets on it without us knowing. My husband, me and my mother-in-law are the only ones in the world who knows what the password is. This way, no one can sneak on in the middle of the night and I can basically know what the kids are up to when they're on it. They now know that I will NOT give them password just as I've settled into a cupboard that I'm cleaning, etc. They'll have to wait until I'm good and ready to type it in.
My husband found a good blocker too that will block any website we don't approve of or has anything questionable on it. The only way to get to that website is if you know a different password. If the kids feel clever, they can try and guess, but Robb gets an email saying they've attempted. Then he checks out the site to find out if it's ok or not.
It's called K9 and is free.

McVal said...

By the way... If your oldest is just lying about teeth brushing... just WAIT until he's teenager... Oh my...